Nate Wienert

Developer, Designer. Creator of 2u.fm, GameGum & obtvse.

Consulting: App Development

I’ve just launched a new platform for cross platform app development called Reapp. It’s designed to allow people like me to build apps for any platform, in less time than ever before, and still feel and look native in terms of speed and features.

Interested? Get in touch: [email protected].

At the moment Reapp is still in beta, so I’m making an offer. I’ll make your app for you at half my normal rate. Not only can I handle development and design, but I have a lot of experience with branding, frontend development, and general app strategy, so you’ll get the full consulting experience.

In general, I’m looking for this in a client:

  • Wants a relatively simple app
  • Wants it done fast

That’s it! More exciting stuff is coming soon. The consulting company is in the works. Reapp will have some really exciting news and features coming out soon.

Until then, if you’re interested in getting a simple app done quickly: [email protected]