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WorldVentures DreamTrips Scam / Pyramid Scheme

Apologies to any regular readers of mine; I’m sure this won’t be relevant to you, but I feel it is my responsibility to write this. Recently a friend I hadn’t seen in years approached me to hang out. After driving me across town to a coffee shop, he and another man began pitching me on what was undoubtedly the most pathetic attempt at a pyramid scheme ever.

The story itself is both funny and sad, but I’m not writing this to tell a story. I just want to try and spread the truth about this scam for the sake of anyone searching, as my blog tends to have good rankings.

WorldVentures are the people behind DreamTrips, and they work hard to cover up their pyramid scheme. Search for the scam and you’ll find they’ve planted YouTube videos, blog posts, and discussions online under every term you can imagine from “DreamTrips Scam” to “WorldVentures Pyramid Scheme”. Only instead of giving you the truth, they actually are propagating their fraud.

I’m hoping anyone smart enough to search for this has already realized that DreamTrips is a scam and pyramid scheme. The basic idea is they want to sell a $199 membership with $49/month dues. The promise is you’ll travelling for “wholesale” and can even make money. It’s a lie.

They’ll use all the basic sales techniques on you, urging you to get in on this “growing industry” early, blabbering about how they just didn’t want you to miss out, and so on. They’ll promise you it pays for itself within two trips and that “you can even earn money from it!”.

Here’s the basic pyramid scheme. To avoid paying your ~$600/year in membership fees you must refer 6 friends. That’s it, that’s all it takes for it to be a predatory pyramid scheme. The sad part is I promise you WorldVentures isn’t saving anyone money in the first place!

Instead of giving that $200 + $600/year to a bunch of lowlifes use it to go on better vacations, of you choosing, with people you actually want to go with. I guarantee Expedia has better deals that DreamTrips.

Having never been pitched a scam like this I was in shock that these scheme’s actually exist, and even more surprised at how depressingly the reality of them is. These are people out to make a quick buck from an old connection.

Be warned, WorldVentures DreamTrips is absolutely a pyramid scheme and a complete scam.