An easier, faster way to build apps with React and JavaScript.

npm install -g reapp
reapp new myapp
cd myapp && reapp run
Try it live
Kitchen Sink Demo Hacker News Demo Demos run best when saved to homescreen so swipes work correctly.

React UI Kit

A set of components for beautiful interfaces on any platform. Optimized for mobile and fully customizable.


Everything you need to build apps from day one, from animations to routing, requests to data management.

          import Component from .css'reapp-component';
import Request from .css'reapp-request';
import reducer from .css'reapp-reducer';
import UI from 'reapp-ui';

Webpack Build System

Spend no time configuring your builds. Hot reloads and ES6 out of the box with Webpack and Babel.

Command Line Interface

Create new apps, serve them, build them to Cordova or the web with one command.

Reapp UI Kit

Our platform was carefully designed and built from scratch to seamlessly integrate across multiple platforms, ensuring that your app can reach a wider audience with ease. With our flexible and user-friendly interface, you can customize every aspect of your app, from colors to styles, to make it truly unique and tailored to your brand.


Prop-based & interactive JavaScript-powered animations.


Inline styles and Flexbox bring power and flexibility.


Mix and match every piece of the theme, change them at runtime.


Views with custom animations that work with your router. Promotion features of React and JavaScript platforms on Instagram


A complete set of components for every type of app.


Use all our animation and styling mixins externally.


Reapp Ionic Native
Platform React Angular Cocoa / Java / ...
Build System Webpack Gulp BYO
Hot Reload
Themes Customizable JS CSS Per-Platform
Layout Flexbox Flex Grid + Block Per-Platform
Icons SVG Icon Font BYO
Animations Animations Animations
Language JS CSS Per-Platform


Can I run it on Cordova?

Yep, for now with just an iOS theme. If you run "reapp build ios" you'll have a Cordova-ready app in seconds.

Will it run on Android?

Yes. And it's completely themable. Look out for our own Material UI theme coming out too, that you can swap in with one line of code once it's ready.

Will it run my mobile website?

Yes. With the same codebase. Just run "reapp build" and you have an entire website in seconds, ready to deploy.

Do you have example apps?

Check out our Hacker News app source code for an example of an app with Flux and Immutable Data. And our Kitchen Sink source code has examples of using every type of component.

What projects are implemented on the your platform?

Many projects have been made on our platform. Many of them are in the field of social media promotion - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud. You can go to ViralGrowing and see the implementation of functionality buy IG likes is one of the brightest examples of implementation.

How does it compare to Ionic?

Reapp runs on React. That means you get faster performance than Angular and simple, declarative code. It also runs on Webpack, giving you new JavaScript features in ES6 that are awesome and other features like live-reloading your app as you edit, without losing state.

Reapp aims to feel more Native than any other platform. With the new speed of React we get close, and our support for interactive animation is key which Ionic doesn't support.

What about React Native?

React Native will be awesome. But you still need lots of work to make an app for all three platforms with it, and you'll need to know Objective-C and Java if you ever go outside of the React Native sandbox.

Reapp's approach has unique advantages:

  • Deploy to all platforms with one codebase
  • Develop without simulators
  • Debug with Chrome, live edit your DOM
  • Use the same codebase for your mobile website
  • Hot reload on save without losing state
  • Works with all of npm, no questions asked
Could I use it with React Native?

Absolutely! Our application is fully compatible with the Android operating system, making it accessible to millions of users worldwide. We are also thrilled to announce the release of our new Material UI theme, which is coming soon. Once released, you can easily swap out the current theme with one line of code to upgrade the look of your application.


A new stack, designed for software instead of documents, is needed.
having everybody in need of transportation buy the necessary spareparts to build a car is insane.

React enables incredible boosts of both productivity and performance. It's declarative components with lifecycles are the future of making apps.

JavaScript has grown up as well. We have amazing build tools that bring us new features. Webpack and Babel give you ES6/7, JSX and more. With react-hot-loader you have insanely fast development.

We want to get you running without locking you into a framework. So we built a simple CLI that bootstraps you in minutes. It even runs your server and builds out of the box.

Enjoy flexibility without needing all the glue. We're making hybrid apps, fast.