How to Get More Followers to the Instagram for Platforms on React and JavaScript

Instagram is rapidly becoming one of the most popular social media apps on the planet. Through exciting content and intuitive ads, the network that welcomes more than 500 million users on a daily basis unites people from every corner of the world. As a result, the hunt for more Followers is fierce and brutal especially if you are trying to raise brand awareness or grow a business online.

Of course, there are shortcuts that you can use like browser navigation scripting and Instabots, but Instagram does not take likely on methods that violate their ‘Terms of use’ policy. To increase your following on Instagram, you can use safer and easier solutions, such as:


If you want to promote your business on social media, Instagram can bring many potential customers your way. Unfortunately, it can also leave the door open to ill-intentioned users and trolls who will look for nothing more than to discredit your efforts.

You can get more Followers if you keep a clean comment section on all your posts. Fortunately, you can easily do so by employing comment moderation. Instagram has this feature as a result of implementing React Native in its JavaScript framework.

React Native is a derivate framework from Facebook’s React JavaScript library, which normally helps to build user interfaces. However, this framework targets mobile platforms instead of web browsers. It is a tool that helps developers create mobile applications freely for both iOS and Android-running devices and make them look “native.”


One of the best ways of sharing your Instagram posts with as many people as possible is using multi-channeling tactics. It stands for synchronizing your Instagram account with other social media channels, so that when you post a new image or video on your profile it automatically uploads to other networks as well, including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This nifty feature is possible through the React Native framework that enables multiple social media platforms, in our case Instagram and Facebook, to share code simultaneously. It is available for posts, push notifications, ads, and other post promotion methods. With you can find out exactly how to use this feature in your favor and get more Followers to your Instagram profile.


One of the best features that developers included in the Instagram app is the Insights section. Many users discard the importance of this essential part of the framework. In fact, Instagram Insights acts as an engine for your popularity vehicle, which is your profile. As it is the case with all vehicles, if you want to know more about the way they work, you will have to lift the hood and check the engine.

Instagram Insights offers crucial data about your followers and about people who visit your profile. It gives you demographics information, including age, gender, and location. It tells you what type of content they prefer and at what time of the day they are most likely to view, like or comment on your posts.

By using this precious information you can tweak your posting schedule and adapt the quality of your content to please the largest part of your audience. In time, you can build a loyal following based on the data that Instagram Insights presents you every day.


According to Instagram, one in five Stories gets a direct message from viewers. The Instagram Story is gaining more and more supporters, and all the brands on the platform are racing to create as many captivating stories as possible.

You can get more Followers on Instagram by putting more effort into your daily Story production. Fill that 24-hour slideshow with funny clips, attractive images and interactive features like polls and contests. Make sure that all your content engages users into liking it or commenting on it to enhance your visibility. The more direct messages you get the bigger the chance to enhance your following.