Welcome to Reapp

Welcome to the Reapp blog.

We've spend a lot of time getting the documentation and presentation of the website here just right, but it's due time to improve the community. Along with our own Gitter channel for chatting and Twitter account for news, we're starting this blog.

Reapp is moving at breakneck speed. We have huge ambitions and exciting things in the pipeline. A Material UI theme is coming. As are new components.

But first, we want to start by creating the best documentation of any app platform.

Starting this week we'll be publishing a series of articles on using Reapp. These will be guides on building real-world apps as well as walkthrough on how to use the more impressive technical features of Reapp.

We already have an exciting full-length walthrough coming out on shortly. We have some great example apps you can look at for inspiration in structuring your apps.

Finally, we have some big news on companies using Reapp coming soon.

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